i there, my name is Buster! And this is my friend, Billy. (Put your mouse pointer on me and you will have a suprise!) You're probably saying, now wait a minute... a Teddy bear can't talk? Well, that's doesn't matter. But what does matter is how to help my friend Billy. See... Billy is seven years old, and he wets the bed. Billy really feels bad that he wets the bed, but he just can't help it. Billy's Dad gets mad at him because of it. Billy's sister teases him,FAMILY and Billy is afraid that his sister will tell his friends that he wets the bed. Billy's mom feels sorry for him, but she gets a little tired of washing Billy's sheets every morning. Sometimes Billy even wets more than once in the night, so there may be double sheets to wash. His mom thinks his dad should help Billy more, because Billy's dad wet the bed when he was a boy. Billy's doctor said bedwetting can be passed from the parents, and Billy's mom thinks Billy got it from his dad. This sometimes makes his parents mad at each other, which makes Billy sad. He feels like its all his fault.MOTHER & DAD FIGHTING

Everything in Billy's room smells like pee! Billy doesn't want his friends to spend the night or even go into his room because he's afraid that they can smell the pee and will know that he wets the bed. Billy also can't go over to spend the night with his friends because he worries that he will wet. He can't even go to camp. Because he can't do what other kids do, Billy is sad a lot. Billy feels like he's a failure. His parents got him some medicine he can take at night that keeps his body from making pee. But Billy doesn't like taking the pills, and his mom and dad worry about the medicine being bad for him.

I sure love my friend Billy, but... when Billy wets the bed, I get wet too! Billy can't go to sleep without me. His mom tried putting me on the shelf at night, but then Billy doesn't sleep.MOTHER & 
WASHING MACHINE His mom tried putting me in a plastic bag, but that doesn't work either. Billy feels really bad that I get wet too, and he doesn't like me to smell like pee. So, then the worst thing of all happens: Billy's mom throws me in the... WASHING MACHINE!!!!

Oh man... do I hate the washing machine! Round and round and up and down I go. BUSTER IN WASHING MACHINEI'm so wet and the soap bubbles get stuck in my ears. And I get soooo... seasick!

Then Billy's mom found out about this alarm that makes a loud noise and wakes you up when you start to pee, so you can stop peeing and go to the toilet. By using the alarm you can keep your bed dry and learn to stop wetting the bed. Best of all it will keep me, Buster, dry too. So Billy's mom bought one of the alarms and put it on Billy. The first night that Billy wore the alarm I was so excited. Wow, I wasn't going to be wet anymore! So, Billy and I go to sleep with Billy wearing the alarm. About two hours later the alarm goes off. Billy has just started to pee, and I wait for him to wake up and stop peeing so I won't get wet. But, oh no!! Billy doesn't wake up!!!! He keeps peeing until the bed (and me) are soaked. So I get wet again. And the next morning... here comes the washing machine!!!


For seven nights in a row Billy's mom puts the alarm on Billy, and each night the alarm goes off when Billy starts to pee, but Billy doesn't wake up. When the alarm goes off I lay there with my eyes wide open, hoping like crazy that Billy will wake up, and knowing that any second I will get wet if he doesn't wake up. I so wish that I could wake Billy. I just gotta wake him. I just gotta!! But teddy bears can't move, and they can't be heard. But I just gotta wake him. Mmmmmmmh!... Mmmmmmh! BILLY SNEEZINGWait a minute. What's happening. My paw is just in front of Billy's nose. Can I move the hairs on it? Mmmmmmmmh! Mmmmmmh! Yes...I did it... I moved the hairs, and they tickled Billy's nose! Billy sneezes, and he wakes up. Yaaaay! I'm not wet. The next night I do the same thing, and every night after that. Finally after two months Billy could wake himself, and he never wets again. Billy is cured. My life is complete. My friend Billy can be a normal, happy boy again. And best of all... for me... NO MORE WASHING MACHINE!!!


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1999 WetBuster