Hi My name is Bill.

I am a 51 year old male who wet the bed until I was in my mid 20's. I can't begin to tell you of the psychological scars it has left on me. I never understood the significance of my bedwetting. Why did I do it? Why can't I control/stop it? What's wrong with me? And something MUST be WRONG with ME! I am lesser than everyone else, I am somehow significantly flawed - it just HAD to be! I think those attitudes are deep seated and have set the pace for my interpretation of experiences all my life and therefore STILL effect me. 

I am a recovering alcoholic (11+ yrs.) and had been in therapy many times prior to (and since) finding my way into AA. In therapy I tried to talk and inquire about my bedwetting and no one seemed willing (or perhaps able) to explain any of the "Why's" and Wherefore's" of my bedwetting. The unwillingness of even therapists to talk to me about this situation only added to my confusion and sense of doom.

What you are doing with this web site and what I find on the Internet about bedwetting is fabulous. I am almost brought to tears when I read the information on this and other sites. I keep thinking about the many other children who are being helped by this information and how they are being saved from the feelings of desperation, inadequateness and painful solitude I have experienced. I know my low self-esteem emanates significantly from these experiences. Undoubtedly you are saving others, now, from that hell. I want to thank you for and encourage you with your efforts in this area. 

Where or how I can begin to heal the psychological and emotional damage that has been done because of my Un/Mis-treated condition? Believe me when I tell you I have been in therapy about a half dozen times over my life time and NO therapist that I've seen has been willing to address any of my feelings or experiences in this area. They just seem to slough it off as not important, like there is no information on the subject - itís just a big mystery. I can't tell you how desolate it has left me feeling. Itís as if all of the intense emotions I felt for those 25 or so years just arenít significant. Something inside tells me that just can't be so.