Hi everyone and the Wiz - 
I'm browsing here because I'm finally hearing others talk about a wetting problem that I had for most of my life and I recognize and empathize with all the kids here who are asking for help. I never got any help and had problems with this until about age 35!!!! It wrecked my social life and caused me huge embarrassment and shame. In 7th grade the other kids kicked me out of the "group" because i was always having this problem at slumber parties and social occasions. OUCH!! My parents just looked the other way. Well the good news is its not a problem for me anymore, At 35, a doctor or someone made the suggestion that I just always go pee before and during any social situation where I might get excited or start laughing, That's all it took. Now I just make sure I go, and go again so there is no chance of "loosing it,\." I've gone on to have a good life, married for 30 years, have 3 awesome grown children, work as a teacher in the schools. Do not despair. You all are speaking out and that is brave and awesome. But just try my cure and see if it helps. All will be worth it if this saves anyone anywhere the misery and shame of being WET. Goodluck.