Hi. My name is Sophia. I am a 25 year old female who has been wetting her bed at night all her life for no apparent reason.

While going through this site and Bills story, I could feel tears toll down my cheeks – tears of relief – to know that I am not alone in this. 

I have visited so many doctors -- psychiatric, phycologists, neurologists --- but no one was able to tell me what the hell was my problem. There is nothing wrong with me biologically esp. with my bladder. So the doctors just assumed that I needed psychiatric treatment. Firstly it was not easy to accept that I needed psychiatric help - I was so normal like any other person. But then I did not have an option. Secondly, the medicines that they gave me had some effect for a while, then I would relapse into the same condition. As Bill said, not one doctor seemed to understand what it meant to me. They made it sound as if it just an ordinary cold/ flu. Forget treating the emotional side effects,no one was able to diagnose the root of the problem. There is no information on the subject what causes it- was is the emotional trauma I faced as an infant, was it the deep sleep pattern, food allergies--. Someone actually had the guts to suggest that I wet my bed because I was lazy to go to the bathroom at night! 

Words can’t describe what this experience has left me feeling. I constantly think that I am a “defected piece” and thus no one will ever be interested in me. This is why I have never been in a relationship – am too scared of rejection. I have never known what it means to be self confident or self assured. The fact that I cannot share this with anyone compounds this problem. I have not been able to socialise much. My low self esteem effects all areas of my life. Its so hard to fully explain the effects that this has had on me.

Yours is the only site I have come across that deals with adult enuresis. Thank a ton for that. Its been really nice to know that there are others in the same boat as Í am. I am still not ready to accept that this is how I have to live my whole life. There HAS to be a treatment. Do you think if as a group of people we wrote to some research organisation, it would help? If anyone wants to chat with me – please feel free to write to me at realgemini2002@yahoo.co.in