WetBusters. com was inspired by a pediatrician who is involved in the research and development of new treatments  for  bedwetting in children and teens.   This pediatrician developed a new device, which can automatically detect the amount of urine in a child's bladder, using ultrasound.  The device alarms just below the bladder volume at which a child typically wets.  It thus keeps the child dry while training the child to become dry without the device.  This device is still experimental, but hopefully someday it will be available to help children with bedwetting.  As part of the research study on that device a website was conceived to interact with the children and teenagers in the study.  It was then realized how useful this website could be to help kids and teens with bedwetting from all over the world.  The result was WetBusters.com.
WetBusters.com is supervised by a professional advisory board  consisting of a pediatrician, a pediatric nurse practitioner,  and a nurse practitioner - attorney.

The mission of WetBuster.com is simply to serve as an aid to children, teenagers, and parents in their struggle with bedwetting.  It allows kids, teens, and parents from all over the world to interact with each other and to support each other.  Wetbusters helps kids, who wear diapers for bedwetting, to get out of diapers by teaching them about other ways of handling bedwetting, such as DDAVP and bed-shaker alarms.  Wetbusters further allows healthcare providers to follow the progress of their patients with bedwetting on the website, as well as interact with them, in other words to provide "e-Care."   E-Care saves travel time for patients, allows closer monitoring of their progress, and saves time for their healthcare providers.  We hope that our site is useful to you.

WetBusters.com Management

Wetbusters.com is owned and operated by eHealth International, Inc.