Reply from Tom, Age 60 - 2/7/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1003

From your message and your age I would guess that you have been a bedwetter all your life. That makes you different from me, I stopped around age 12 but started again a few years ago. From everything I've read bedwetting is more of a sleep disorder than a urinary system problem, you just don't wake up when you need to go. As for growing out of it, you probably have a good idea of whether that will happen. If there has been a steady decrease in the frequency of bedwetting over the years it will most likely continue to decrease and eventually stop; but if it's been steady at 3-5 times per month for years it might stay there indefinitely. When my problem started, I discussed it with my doctor who referred me to a urologist. The urologist did several tests which all turned out normal, not surprising since bedwetting isn't usually a urinary problem. He then tried drugs, first Ditropan which didn't help because I don't have an overactive bladder, then Imiprimene which didn't help and finally DDAVP which did help. DDAVP is often given to children for bedwetting as a nasal spray, but I use tablets. It slows the kidney output for about 6 hours so I can get through most nights without a full bladder but I still have a few wet nights per month. The problem is it's expensive - about $130 for 30 tablets and if I didn't have good insurance to pay for it I would just have to put up with the wet bed. I have never been to a sleep specialist because even though I am a very sound sleeper I don't have sleep apnea or anything that would be considered a sleep disorder. If you have a sleep disorder that is beyond just sleeping very soundly you would probably already know it, otherwise a sleep specialist probably wouldn't help. A urologist might be able to help some with drugs, but the drugs are expensive and don't result in a 100% cure anyway. So given your situation with income, insurance, and wetting only 3-5 times per month, I don't think going to specialists would be worth it.