Reply from adam, Age 25 - 2/7/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1008

Tom, Thanks for the information! I have wet on and off all my life, although not consistently -- I wet every night until about age 12, then mostly stopped (down to a few times a year at most) until a bout with mono during my junior year of college, during which I wet almost every night for 2 months, and since then (about 4 years) it's been more or less at the present rate. It comes and goes sporadically; I will go dry for a period of 1 or 2 months at times but then I will wet several times within a week or two. I don't have any urinary problems other than maybe having to go a touch more often during the day than most (maybe 10-12 times on average, sometimes a bit more) but no serious urgency or other problems. I did have frequent wetting accidents as a kid but these stopped basically the same time as my nightly wetting did, at age 12 or so. I am also a very sound sleeper and often have great difficulty waking up in the morning; however I am usually able to wake up to the signal of a full bladder and get to the bathroom in time, and sometimes when I wet I am awakened either during or just after my bladder empties. Do you think alarm treatment might be of help, even though I am already waking up on my own most of the time? I have mostly come to accept the fact that this problem may be with me the rest of my life, but still if there's any cheap and effective way to get rid of it I would very much like to try. Thanks again -- any further comments from anyone are welcome!