Reply from Ian, Age 45 - 7/2/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1247

Hi Chris, I totally understand what you're going thru. I've wet the bed my entire life due to a birth defect. I have a very small bladder which never developed When I was younger I had some control, but as I've grown older it's gotten worse to where I have very limited, actually no control. I'm in diapers 24/7 these days and hate it let me tell you. I have, however, adapted to my cindition and being in diapers. I've been using the new Depend refastenable underwear diapers, and they work very well. I sometimes use cloth & plastic pants, but prefer disposables especially for odor control during the day and esp at work! Depend also make an overnight diaper with extra padding at the waist, which is great for guys for overnight protection. I think you should wear a diaper to bed if you are having frequent overnight accidents. Why be miserable and uncomfortable lying on a wet sheet! I feel your pain Chris & I hope this helps! Try not to let it get you down!