Reply from Ian, Age 45 - 7/2/03 - IP#:   adultbb_19-c1255

Have you tried using 2 diapers? If not, this should help. It may be a bit bulky in the crotch area but that's the trade off to staying dry! I also agree with changing when needed, but that always isn't possilble unfortunately. I'm hoping at some point this medical conditioned will be accepted by the public at large and they will equip public restrooms with adult changing areas. It could be in the handicapped stall, and what I'm thinkin is a plastic bench type seat to make changing easier. They should also have a waste can for disposal of soiled diapers in the stall, this would help tremendously. I also wish you could purchase diapers in the rest room from a vending machine, this would be a great help if you ask me! Of course you can take your "diaper" bag (I use a gym bag) into the bath room, but the stares from people is hard to handle! I think the public need to be more sensitive and accepting of the growing incontinent population. You also have security problems in public places these days. I think it would be hard to get past inspection/security guards in some stores/public bldgs, without them checking the contents of your bag! What a crazy world:o) Peace, Ian