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there are many signs and symptoms of pregnancy. most are related to the change in hormone levels in the mothers body. some women experience "morning sickness", which may include nausea and or vomiting. there are other body changes that occur, some women experience a change in the size of mthere breasts, some may have pain or discomfort associated with this. You need to see a professional about your situation. An OB-GYN doctor would be a good place to start. You could get a home pregnancy test. But in any event make an appointment to see a doctor. Hopefully you are not pregnant a such a young age. If your NOT then you need to see someone about appropriate sex education. You are old enough to be responsible to take the appropriate precautions. But you are hardly old enough to raise a child. If you can't curb your behavior the please be responsible enough to protect yourself. I do wish you good luck. Having children is a life long commitment one which you probable aren't prepared for yet. Please take care of yourself.