Reply from Frank, Age 50 - 7/10/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1291

I have had a bedwetting problem almost all of my life, and you certainly are not alone. I think if it were known how many adults really had a wetting problem, the numbers would be staggering. As far as a solution goes, I have tried many things and for me, none have been very successful. All of my life I have worn thick, cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed and very rarely have a leak. My wife is supportive of my wearing them as she doesn't like me getting her wet too. I also have daytime accidents so I wear a daytime thickness contoured and fitted cloth diaper with plastic pants. With slightly baggy pants, no one has ever said they can tell I wear diapers and as far as I know, no one in the places I have worked has known about my diapers. So I guess the bottom line is: Diapers. Don't be ashamed to wear them. It's far better than sleeping in a wet bed and doing all that laundry and it's a logical way to manage the wetting. If anyone would like to trade email about this, my address in