Reply from D.B., Age 48 - 8/4/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1346

I'm no DR. - But I have both life time incontinence and have always been a deep sleep bedwetter, had operations as both a pre-teen / teen / and adult. Neither they nor any drugs help me. I've worn just about every type pad / belted garment for day use, and ALWAYS a diaper with plastic pants to bed, I'd hate to have my wife get wet due to my nightly bedwetting. More recently I've been using the newer style - pull up diapers / undergarments, such as Depends - Prevail - K Mart or Walmart brands. My wife assures me she can never tell I'm wearing pull-up's. And since they don't have any plastic backing like an adult diaper they have no noise to them. I actually feel much more comfortable wearing pull up's anymore, and will probably never wear regular under wear again. I've a history of lower back troubles now, 3 bad discs, spinal stenosis, and arthrits on the spinal cord itself. ----------- Some day's -- usually around the house, I'll just stay diapered all day to avoid having to camp out in our bathroom. I have to go, just about very 20-45 mins. Sometimes more often then that. -- I've read that some of the current drugs I'm taking claim they cause incontinence as 1 of their numerous side effects. -- with me it's either live in pain or diapers and pull-ups. <> I've talked to my DR's. about all of the above. Though it's been all my life with incontinence, some day's are worse then others, some day's I should have worn a diaper in public instead of trying to go out in only my pull-up's -- under cloths of course. -- The TENA brand, cloth backed adult diapers I find to work FANTASTIC under cloths if we have company. they make very, very little noise and are far better and much more comfortable then pull-up's over a longer time period. -- Most recently due to these many forums, I'm starting to become a little more open to people I REALLY Trust, about my incontinence and what I need to wear. So far none have ever laughed at me and all seem very understanding. A few have said we'll probably all end up in diapers as we get older, for me its been always,,wish it wasn't that way. So does my wife. She's been Fantastic and always by my side, which helps when my self esteem hits bottom, usually after a leaky wet pants - in public situation. I get so upset. I've talked in circles long enough. Try a pack of the pull-up's,,,you won't be sorry you did, they take an hour to get use to wearing them, after that you'll never have to worry again. -- Good luck,,, Sincerely, D.B.