Reply from jiliane, Age 40 - 8/4/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1347

I've tried the HDIS brand- Reassure Ultra Protective underwear, with 2-3 booster pads, and they ARE quiet and comfortable. I got through work with them ( and timed voiding, very little fluid). I have to drink most of my daily fluid intake at home (which unfortunately is before bed), but it's either that, or get dehydrated (which makes the medical stuff worse). I've also tried meds for this, and they were horrible with my autonomic disorder. It is a trade off- I also take a med that can cause incontinence (and this most recent worsening of it was just after my dose was doubled for the seizures)... but like you said, you have to decide which symptoms are worse to deal with, and just manage the others. I've also tried the TENA briefs (got a sample pack of several things from HDIS), and they are much quieter. So far, the Reassure Ultras plus booster pads have helped. Thanks for the reply.... this is a lousy thing to deal with, and the anonymity of these boards helps when talking about it.