Reply from Peter, Age 27 - 9/28/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1463

Dear Anna,The best thing that you can do is to love your son.Whether he likes diapers or not.I'm a bedwetter and have discovered numerous helpful sites through the Adult Baby"Network".I understand infantilism.Another way to try and deal with your son's "diaper fetish"is to learn to understand why he does it.Go to DPF(Diaper Pail Friends).You can get there through going to,type in DPF,it will give you numerous sites to choose from.It's the second one from the bottom I believe.You'll get their home page.Click on Tommy's Room(I think that's what it is called).It will give you a bunch of links.Click on the one called"Why We Are".Read it.Very thought provoking.I have seen it numerous times.Putting on a diaper and feeling good about it may not lead to things such as drugs,alcohol,crime,truancy,etc.,etc.,etc.. I will look for other helpful websites in the future for you.Please keep this in mind,there are ALOT of men AND women who do this.They are well-adjusted individuals with family and friends.They come from all walks of life. I hope this helps.One thing this world lacks is tolerance.God Bless you.