Reply from George , Age 42 - 10/30/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1519

I work in a hotel and nobody has ever asked us for any protection. Having said that all the beds have discreet protective covers on them anyway so maybe people check for this when they go into their rooms before they ask. Bedwetting is not particularly frequent but does happen on occasion. I have also noticed that some people occasionally have disposable protective underwear which they chose to travel with. Only twice in the past couple of years has any guest who was staying n for additional nights had a wetting incident and on both occasions no fuss was made about changing the sheets. One chap who was staying with us for an extended period whilst working in the area wet the bed approximately once per week and we came to an arrangement with him that there would be a second set of bedsheets and waterproof sheet underneath the main waterproof sheet so that if he woke up wet in the night he could simply remove the top layers and there would be dry sheets underneath. This guy chose not to wear disposable underwear because his wetting ocurred when he had been drinking too much beer and he would have forgoten to put his protection on after he came home from his night out. Perhaps if you are in a similar position you could take your own extra sheets and put them on top of the hotel ones so that you could peel them off easily if you woke up wet during the night. You could then take the sheets away to wash them without the hotel knowing anything about it. If laundry is a problem, and you don't want to or habitually forget to put on protective underwear then disposable bed pads would probably be a better solution. Hope this helps. Would welcome any feedback!