Reply from Bill, Age 42 - 11/7/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1533

Hi Colin, I'm a 42 year old married bedwetter. I wear diapers to bed and have leakage problems when I sleep on my side or stomach. I'm a very heavy wetter, wetting all throughout the night. My wife used to protect only my side of the bed with a waterproof pad. She said she didn't need protection and didn't think it would be comfortable to sleep on. I hated that solution. After you roll over a few times, the darn thing starts to get bunched up. The if you have a big flood, it just flows off the edge and the bed gets wet anyway. Without telling her, I bought a plastic backed mattress cover and a regular mattress cover at walmart for about $35.00. I put the plastic backed one on plastic side up and then the regular one over that followed by our bed sheets. My wife had no idea she was sleeping on plastic sheets until I had a major flood. I awoke to find her examining me to see if I forgot my diaper. Noticing I was awake, she asked what the heck happened. She pulled back the sheets to show me that I had absolutely flooded our bed. She and I were both wet from head to toe. That's when I discovered that those mattress covers absorb nothing! When we stripped the bed, she saw the plastic sheets. I told her she had been sleeping on them for a few weeks. After some discussion, she approved of the plastic and we decided to try making my side more absorbent. She sewed a large towel to my side of the plain mattress cover (on the bottom side). Now when I leak, the towel soaks it up and keeps her dry.