Reply from louis, Age 29 - 11/18/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1553

I am a male aged 29 and can relate totally. I go to the stores when they are not busy this is at night time to buy me depends fitted briefs the overnight ones for my problem i feel so embarrassed to have to buy these but i have no other choice i need these to live a "normal" life. Hey if people can't stand you wearing the diapers then i say forgetabout them. in my eyes they are useless ignorant people who cannot do anything better with their time than to ridicule you for wearing diapers. i have been in diapers since 19 years old when i went to college i lost my bladder for no apparent reason then IBS kicks in. to this day i do not have a dry day i would love to have one dry day! I would give anything! please be assured that it is ok i feel your situtation. ever try home delivery that is on my to do list for the next year so i can stay away from those stores forever and have a brown box come to my door and never be ridiculed again. please feel free to email me at we do not need insensitive ignorant rude people . I would like to keep in touch with you.