Reply from Lenny, Age 56 - 11/20/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1562

I hope you don't let the best parts of life slip by you because you fear what others may think about you or your problem. Many people who can't see well use corrective lenses, and I still wear mine in the form of glasses. Nobody's commented about my glasses, and I don't worry what others think about me or my eyesight. Similarly, I wear diapers around the clock, and generally have plastic pants or whatever airing out in my apartment. I don't worry about either when I invite others to my place. However, I do tend to put anything that might embarrass others away before asking them in. Incontinence is part of my life, and if you accept me, you accept my incontinence, too. I feel that life's too short to fret about the minor things. And, please consider... what's the worst thing that can happen if someone rejects you because of sleepwetting? There're many more people out there who will accept you as you are, bed wetting included.