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are you alex or are you ron make up your mind. remember your address shows up when you post things here- geez where it the moderator when we need him. i'd hope he'd check the address before he posted these for anyothers with the same addresses so we could have a legit web b-b fourm. please if you need help from the others on this board use HONESTY and ITENGRITY and foremost do not LIE and who YOU are it will make us give the wrong advise and help. I hope we could make a rule here 1. Liars need not post here. 2. Dishonesty will not be tolerated. 3. people lacking itengrity should not post here. 4. Hiding under a assumed idenity will make matters worse. 5. Real problems with incontinence will be discussed here anyone who has mental problems i.e. fetishes, ect, will not be allowed to post here. please where is the moderator!! lets go through this website and clean it up!!