Reply from jane, Age 20 - 11/26/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1570

Hi jimbo. I have tried youth attends before, but they dont fit me. The best ones i've tried for now are toddler's Huggies Supreme diapers. Remember I can't fit into Youth attends, because they are simply to big for me. I am only 3'4''. I wont grow any bigger!!! (Thats not a typo) OK.. I really dont like the idea of having some stranger changing my diaper for me. I sometimes feel helpless and disabled. I am, but i dont like the feeling. I also dont like the feeling of someone touching my vagina and ass, except my mother. At home, I sometimes used cloth diapers, they worked well size wise, but they weren't thick enough. Thick diapers also pose a problem for me. If they are too thick they get into the way ---- and then i cannot walk. As of now it takes me 45 minutes to get dressed in the morning, putting my diapers and clothing on. Its a real pain. But I dont like people doing it for me. I don't change my diaper till the evening ---- otherwise i won't get to my classes on time. Its really hard to be 3'4'' tall in a community built for people who are 6' tall. I dont think you know what i go through. Right now, Im using Huggies Supreme diapers. They leak a lot, so I double them up, which makes walking very difficult for me. If you have a better Idea please tell me. I also have a twin brother who is in diapers 24/7. He also has dwarfism, but he is 3'9'' which is considerably taller than my 3'4''. He can change himself, but I cannot. I dont want someone to change me, but that may be my only choice. Sometimes I wish I were taller. Jane