Reply from louis, Age 29 - 11/27/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1572

well maybe diapers is not what you need have you tried a clostemy bag with a cath tube this is i think your only option at this point sorry about the youth attends not fitting you that was going to be my suggestion the baby diapers are meant for children the reason that they leak is two fold they are thinner and not too absorbent and you can move around freely which these were not meant/designed for a kid rarely moves around like a free range adult does. you will have alot of UTI with the clostemy bag but i guess if you want to be dry i think that is the olny option at this point. hope this is helpgul i do know that this will be a larger hassle but the leaking will stop with the bag. they should design a diaper stricky for small people like yourself but the corporate bean counters say it will cost too much and it will not be profitable i will disagree with them hey if one bag of attends or depends x-tra small size sold i'd say hey they made a good product im sure if you called them here is thier two numbers for customer service depends 1-800-558-6423 attends 1-800-4-attends call them and make your feelings heard.