Reply from Gary, Age 28 - 12/1/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1579

Jane, That is an interesting situation you have. I really admire your courage for going out and facing the world head on. I can only imagine the challenges of living in a world made for tall people. If you have not already done so, you many want to try some of the other products besides youth Attends. Abena briefs are among the most absorbent (I use them myself) and they do come in size Extra-Small to fit a 20 to 28" waist. They are a bit hard to find in that size. But um...since I know advertising is not allowed here I will just say that you can find them at the address in my sig below. The other thing that might work well is pull-ups. That would solve the problem of having to fight with the tapes on a regular brief, making them much faster and easier to put on. We have them in a small size for 20-28" waist, and if that is too big you can also get drinite jrs which are smaller still. Hope this helps, -Gary