Reply from J.P., Age 57 - 12/4/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1585

I agree that disposable diaper makers should make adult diapers just like baby diapers. If a couple of extra tapes are needed I have no problem with that. I use diapers due to an automobile accident. I have only been in this situation for about a year but I have noticed that my diapers are not as good as my grand kids diapers. there diaper gets wet front and back. Mine gets wet in front and in the crotch and begins to leak. I throw away a half dry diaper all the time. Also because my diaper does not become totally involved ,I have to change frequently so I don't leak. When I am out of the house this becomes a pain! I have had to start wearing cotton underwear and plastic pants over my diaper when I am out to prevent leaks. If adult diapers worked as well as baby diapers plastic pants wouldn't be needed. I wonder if a bunch of E-mails to Proctor and Gamble would do any good? Depend has a web site. Does anyone think we ought to jack them up?