Reply from Bill, Age 60 - 12/17/03 - IP#:   adultbb-c1617

Hi Ken. I began having some wetting problems in my 30's too. I didn't really wet the bed, but I began to realize that I was leaking quite a bit at night because my underwear (I slept in my underwear) was noticably wet when I woke in the morning. I had also begun to wet a bit during the day too, not a lot, but enough to get my underwear a bit wet. I didn't know anything about adult protection in those days, so I just lived with it for a long time. Sometimes I swiped my wifes pads for protection. It sounds funny, but I needed to do something! I have been using protection for years now (I'm now 60). It's no big deal really. If you're thin, you might be able to wear the Goodnites XL. I'm 145 lbs. and they fit me fine.