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He has admitted to you that he knows he has a problem, and yet he still acts like he doesnít. The male ego can be a fragile thing and he may resist wearing diapers because to do so would be an admission that he canít control his bedwetting problem (which he canít but heís not willing to admit that to himself). Covering up his accident and pretending it didnít happen might also be part of denial that anything is wrong. He is going to need lots of assurance that using diapers will not make him any less manly, but he also needs to know that leaving wet sheets for you to wash is not a very manly thing at all. Keep encouraging him to try the diapers and let him know that you are not happy about dealing with wet sheets just because he wonít wear protection. In the meantime, get a few reusable bed pads (I use the 34X42 size from These will help avoid having to change the sheets after an accident, just replace the pad with a new one. You might need to place a folded towel over the pad for more absorbency depending on what he is wearing and how much he wets. If you do succeed in getting him to try the diapers, you will still need the bed pads. Even premium diapers will sometimes leak, and most diapers available in local stores arenít that good for bedwetting adults. Good disposables like Molicare and Abena are available on internet sites like