Reply from frequent flier , Age 30 - 1/14/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1672

i have found that the airline security people can be nice and some can be real jerks. i have found that the best international airport for changing is amsterdam. and if you run low stop in at two airports as they carry them, istanbul and miami i was on a overseas venture myself and had a few "bad" days and i was on my last one on my flight from rome to istanbul before my trip back to the us and i had a day in istanbul and was exploring at the airport and found a pharmacy in the lower levels of the airport that had just the right thing i bought a package and was saved. a second one was i was island hopping south of miami and my flight got in late and i had to stay at the airport and i was down to my last one again and i found a pharmacy that saved me again. I have found that travelling with incontinence is a real challenge. here is a helpful tip for all of you incontinent people who stay at hotels and travel, bring along extra shopping bags for easy disposal of the diapers. in fact i am writing you this message on one of my many many trips at the airport internet cafe. happy travels to you all.