Reply from Tom, Age 61 - 1/22/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1690

Jane, your message is a little confusing. If you are currently wearing cloth diapers, you are probably already using some kind of waterproof overpants to keep your clothes and bed dry. Maybe you are using an all-in-one diaper with the diaper and plastic pants built together, but most people that use cloth diapers use plastic pants over them. Plastic pants are not designed to provide a waterproof seal around the waist or legs, but only to prevent the wet material on the inside (diaper) from contacting dry material on the outside (clothing or bed sheets). For them to work properly the diaper must have enough absorbency to contain all the urine it receives, otherwise they will leak. If you really want vinyl seat covers you will have to visit an auto upholstery shop, and make sure that you specify that there should be no seams in the seating area. The “rolled and pleated” style that was popular years ago makes a more comfortable seat, but it allows liquid to settle in the low spots and leak through the seams into the padding below. Then it stays wet for several days because the vinyl doesn’t let it air out, and you will get wet spots if you sit on a seam where the padding below is still wet. I would suggest just using a reusable chair pad or bed pad that would protect the area where you sit.