Reply from Lenny, Age XX - 3/6/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1766

You don't mention the type of diaper that you use. For the sake of discussion, I assume you use a disposable diaper, and that perhaps the manufacturer has changed the way it's made today. Perhaps it doesn't hold as much as it used to. Or, perhaps, you void more now than before. Either can result in your problem. I suggest you wear plastic pants over the disposable diaper. That way, if it leaks, the urine can still be contained. However, it will still leak out unless you provide some absorbent material between the diaper and the plastic pants. I wear the Molicare Super Plus disposable diaper, with a booster pad. Over the diaper, I wear a pair of cotton boxer-briefs, and then the plastic pants. I also tuck the excess plastic around the legs under the end of the disposable diaper, so that anything that may leak will tend to pool inside the plastic pants. I also wear briefs over the plastic pants, and a tee shirt over that. Follow that with a pair of bicycle pants, and you have a protection unit that usually doesn't leak, contains odors, and will hold several pounds of fluids without sagging. The plastic isn't hot, even in high summertime temperatures, as the absorbent materials inside it absorb all sweat in addition to the urine I produce. The bicycle pants also keep the plastic from rustling, so there is no noise from the diapers, either. I suggest you experiment with whatever you can easily get, and find a protection unit for yourself that meets your needs, is comfortable to wear, and easy for you to use and change. While in the experimentation mode, give it everything you can, so that you can be sure you are protected wherever you sit. Also, try to become a bit more sensitive to the state of your diaper, and change it whenever it approaches the saturation level. No diaper, cloth or disposable, will hold up when oversaturated.