Reply from Jerry, Age 27 - 3/24/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1799

Hi Jennifer, I have the same problem only the opposite. I wear diapers to bed every night and like every month or so my wife keeps telling me to go to the doctor and I've been wetting the bed off and since I was a kid; but I refuse to go to the doctor because it's embarrassing. I'd rather wear diapers to bed than have to expose myself to anyone as a bedwetter. Anyway, I know how you feel about your husband 'cause my wife doesn't like it either and gets tired of washing the sheets every time I leak not to mention she gets embarrassed whenever I ask her to buy me diapers and complains about the expense of them. I'm content the way I am and I'm sure your husband's the same. Nobody wants to have to explain to their doctor especially at my age. I don't think it would be to fun to have everyone in the doctors office laughing at me either; ya know?. I think you should go along with whatever your husband wants to do about.