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Jenny, I think it's actually pretty common for bedwetting to resurface in times of significant physical or emotional stress, IF you have a prior history of it. Were you also a regular bedwetter growing up, even until 10 or 11 or so? If that's the case and you just sort of naturally stopped then, it may well be the same problem resurfacing. In any case, I agree with the other Jen than a wetness alarm would be a good option for you to try. You could also ask yourself, have there been any significant new stresses in your life that might be contributing to this? If you have ideas about what some particular stresses are, you might be able to take steps to reduce or mitigate them (if not eliminate them) and your sleep patterns might improve then also. Cutting caffeine and Nutrasweet can also be a good idea as these can irritate the bladder and provoke wet nights. In the meantime, having 2 or 3 sets of sheets including waterproof mattress pads (which you can get at Target or anywhere) can be helpful -- that way you can make the bed in multiple layers, and if you have an accident you can just strip off the wet layer, go back to sleep, and deal with it in the morning. Well, hang in there. :) The good news is that if this came on suddenly it might be easily fixable if you can locate and deal with the underlying cause. I hope that's the case for you too, but regardless you're always welcome to come and talk here. -- Adam (