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Jenny , something to consider: One of my five sons was a cronic bed wetter from age four to well into his fifteenth year. My wife and I jumped through all the hoops including an operation to open him up as the doctor told us that the operation was the fix. He was six when he went through the operation and it did no good what so ever. This was back in the 70's and disposible diapers were fairly new. We tried them a few times but we soon realized that they were not going to work. We would diaper him with 6 to 8 curity diapers and even at that he sometimes would soak himself to a point that he would leak through his plastic pants. He had to be diapered any time we went anywhere in the car. The point that I am getting to is that we found out years after he finally quit wetting the bed that his wetting was due to a sleep disorder. He simply could not wake up. Looking back I realized that I should have known that as several times after coming home from a drive in movie I would carry him into the house. change his diaper, and put him in bed and he would not wake up. He was at least 12 years old at that time. He still does some strange things when he is asleep. A while back he went into his kitchen and emptied a whole box of cereal into the silverware drawer , added milk and ate most of it before his wife went looking for him. Really in most cases the term bed wetting is really sleep wetting and it can happen at any hour durring the day if one is inclined to do that sort of thing. Incontinence isn't always caused by a physical problem. Alarms would not have helped my son. I found this site after I had a very serious traffic accident and now I am I/C and have to wear diapers again. I would rather wear protection than to wake up in a wet bed. There are so many reasons for I/C that it may take a while to nail down the cause. Just remember, incontinence is a symtom of some other problem. Other than folks like me where the problem is obvious, sometimes trial and error is the only way to find your particular problem.Hang in there. It may fix itself.