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dear astal, good mourn atal,first off it's goodto meet you. my suggestions start out with a few simple questions my dear. my mom has diabetes and with with help of getting her to: 1. ear solid nutritional meals. 2. the best way for anyone to eat not only diabetics is ever 3 to 4 hours in order to keep your system balanced, do you understand that, if not i will go into great detail just e-mail e ok at: i have seizures from being mugged on several occasionals and as well back in 1987 i was in a coma for 6 months due to inviroencephalitis, which is a very nasty virusand usualy doesn't leave survivors but i was one of the rare cases the doc's said, for they told my parents that they didn't expect me to live. so my dear i tell you all of this so that you can have hope for sometimes things have a way of working out, romans 8 romans 8:28 in the new testament of the bible. ok take care and if you need to talk call me after 8:00 pm. at 561-242-9485 sincerely james