Reply from chase, Age 32 - 4/19/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1828

i know how you fell i been in diapers for five years due to servre bladder infection.that caused my bladder to become very january i had a growth removed from my bladder & it made my bladder worse.i need to wear diapers 24/7 because.i have no bladder control at all.finding relationships been hard do to the problem.most girls don't want to date a man still in diapers.five years ago my girl friend left me because she got tired of me wetting her bed & soaked her car on the way to the she stop bougth me my first adult diapers.she left me three days latter.if your scared of wetting you bed carry some diapers with you or heavey pads.for night time don't sleep or spend a nigth with somebody.until thay understand your problem.i live in arizona mybe we could get togeter or talk again.good luck chase