Reply from Colin, Age 35 - 4/24/04 - IP#:   adultbb_30-c1835

Dear Danielle, Have you considered wearing some form of protection to bed? I wet very heavily at night and wear pin on cloth diapers covered with a pair of plastic pants.I find the following combination works real well for keeping the bed dry:I use an adult size pin on cloth diaper.Inside the diaper I layer it with some Gerber baby size cloth diapers(you can find these in Kmart,Target,Walmart,Sears,J.C.Penny,or any other major department store). I then cover the diaper with a pair of adult size plastic pants.This is great for keeping the bed dry.That being said,I would use a plastic or rubber sheet for backup.Although I very rarely leak in bed(and if I do it's a very small amount)I use a plastic sheet for backup.I find cloth diapers and plastic pants to be very absorbent,secure,and comfortable.The only thing you have to worry about with cloth diapers and plastic pants is the potential for diaper rash.Although I haven't suffered from that it does happen to some people.If it does I would get some Desitin,A&D ointment,or Zinc Oxide(again these can be found in any major department store or pharmacy).I use the Comco adult size pull on plastic pants and the Angel Fluff pin on adult size overnight diapers.Many people feel that cloth diapers and plastic pants are "babyish",but it's a lot better than waking up in a cold wet bed!You mentioned that you've been wetting the bed all your life-have you used diapers at all to manage the problem? If you want you can email me and I can give you the contact info. for Comco and Angel Fluff.I would definitely consider giving the cloth diapers and plastic pants a try-lots of adults wet the bed and many of them use plastic pants and cloth diapers to protect themselves and the bed-there's nothing to be ashamed of.In fact,my ex girlfriend,her mother, and most of her friends knew I wore diapers and plastic pants to bed because of my bedwetting and it was no big deal.My email address is Good luck with everything. Sincerely, Colin