Reply from Tom, Age 61 - 4/29/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1839

If my math is right you wet about 15 times per year. Thatís not a big problem, but big enough to be aggravating and frustrating, especially if it happens away from home. When you visit your primary doctor, ask about a referral to a urologist. The urologist might run a few tests to check for overactive bladder, bladder capacity, etc., but with the intermittent nature of your problem, chances are he wonít find anything. If you go during the period you are actually having the problem, he might find a urinary tract infection. Ask about DDAVP, which is a synthetic antidiuretic hormone that causes your kidneys to slow urine production. Taken just before bedtime, it will usually prevent bedwetting, but is not 100% effective. Drinking large amounts of fluid, or other factors, may still result in a wet bed. DDAVP is expensive if you donít have good insurance, and you may not want to use it every night, but it would be worth using at least when away from home. As far as dreams are concerned, the consensus seems to be that dreaming about urinating does not cause bedwetting, itís the other way around. Your brain responds to outside stimulus while you are asleep and the full bladder signal causes you to dream that you need to go, and then wetting causes you to dream that you are. Because your problem is so intermittent I would suggest that each time you wet, you try to recall anything unusual that may have occurred the previous day that could have caused it. Large amounts of fluid, alcohol, caffeine, certain foods and drugs, being extremely tired, sleeping in a cold room, and sexual intercourse are all possibilities. Your urologist might suggest other possibilities.