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Rather than worry about controlling your "wetting" problem, you perhaps should be focusing on finding out why this is happening. I have been bladder incontinent for the last year due to a back injury and I finally went to see my doctor after constant prodding by my wife. I was initially embarassed to discuss this problem but soon realized that people in the medical profession deal with this and far worse every day so it is no big deal. The reason I suggest that you have this checked out is that "incontinence" is not normal at any age, at least for us adults. It is sometimes a symptom of an underlying condition and one that is most often treatable. There are many ways to deal with your problem but you must first find out what is causing it. You also want to rule out the possibility of a more serious problem. As far as buying "incontinence" products in stores, I save myself potential embarassment and find much better products on-line. Most companies that sell on-line are very reputable and have items that offer a wide variety of ways to suit your needs. I wish you the best of luck and if you need to talk further, please feel free to contact me. John