Reply from Myfanwy, Age 31 - 5/31/04 - IP#:   adultbb-c1906

Well, thank you to everyone for all your support and help, I followed the advice of a couple of you and bought the largest size of Dry Nites for teenagers (but not in a local shop, it will be a while before I can do that!). It's now the time of the month when I need to wear one at night, and the fact that I had had friends round yesterday and consumed quite a lot of wine made me nervous. I woke up at about 6am, having wet quite a lot during the night and in the past I have found that even if I have not had a leakage from the nappy, sitting up in bed ready to go to the bathroom and change it could cause a leak. However, I got up without a problem, changed and went back to bed and slept blissfully for another 2 hours. The only "downside" is that because I was so comfortable and stayed asleep after my wetting, the urine was close to my skin for some time and my skin feels a bit sore now. Before, I would wake up feeling very uncomfortable during or just after wetting, but that at least meant I got rid of the wet nappy quickly. I am a convert, thanks for persuading me that buying them would be no big deal (and it wasn't, checkout woman didn't even look at me!). Next month I am due to go camping at the worst time, but have no worries now about sharing a tent with someone who doesn't know about my problem, I am sure I can keep it well hidden now.