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Ok, you're in the States. The answer can be different if you are in Europe where I live. Have you visited the Incontinance Resource Centre, ? They have lots of information about the various diposables available in the States as well as lots in information and primers about how to stay dry. the current hot favourite disposable is the Abena range from Europe. Everyone seems to be impressed. You can get them from a business run by an incontinent man. However, you are probably never going to be dry with just a disposable. I reckong to put on at least a pair of cotton boxers over the daiper and plastic pantys on top of that. However, I consider that washables are the better option for night. The Incontinencve Resource Centre has all the information you need on pre-folds and the like. Here in the UK we just have squares of terry towelling, though these work perfectly well. Look uo the Incontinence resource centre. You will be surprised how much there is there. Post on their forum too and you'll get a lot of replies probably.