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Oh Nate you are going to make me relive all that humiliation. The learning process? I guess to sum it up consisted of becoming more aware as I got older. When I was almost 14 Ĺ I started to become more aware of what was happening and when I was wetting. The feel of getting wet and becoming aware of my full bladder as I slept. Eventually I learned to wake myself in time to go to the bathroom before I wet. When I was little I wet my bed at night I always slept through the night and woke up wet every morning. The summer when I was 13 I was still wetting every night. I started having dry nights in the fall between 13 Ĺ and 14 years. By the time I was 14 I was wetting once or twice a week but I still slept through even on the nights I wet. By being careful not to drink to much in the evening and being sure to go to the bathroom before getting in to bed I got it down to wetting only a couple times a month. The first time I can remember being aware of when I was wetting was the summer I was 14 years old. I was staying with my grandparents that summer and sharing the bed with my aunt jenny who was 4 years older. I so clearly remember one night I was sleeping I rolled on to my left side. I stretched my arm out and I touched Jennifer and pulled my arm back. Then I went pee I didnít feel myself release or get wet that time I just woke sometime later and felt the front of my pajamas were wet. The bed blankets jenny everything was wet so I had to wake her up. She was tired and said at first thatís ok go back to sleep but soon got up when she realized what happened. It was about 2:30 am and we had to get up and change the bed and ourselves. I had a few other accidents that summer but that was the only time I was aware of when it happened. Later that year in October I was at school in class and I had to go real bad. When the bell rang at the end of class I ran to the restroom. I sat down started to go awe relief but it came back on me and I felt myself getting wet. Then my bottom started getting wet then it started spreading up to my lower back and I realized what was happening. I was actually in my bed dreaming and wetting my bed and I woke up and stopped my self but I think I was pretty much done by then. I was lying there wide-awake it seemed and I could still feel the wetness spreading up my back. I recall I was surprised how wet I felt just having gone when I woke up wet it was more like damp. I donít remember anything else about that night actually I think it was about 4:00 am although I donít recall looking at a clock. I donít remember if I got up that time or if I fell back asleep. I continued wetting my bed occasionally for about another year and a half after that. During that time there were a couple of different things that happened. Sometimes I would be sleeping in a dream like state of awareness I knew where I was sleeping in my bed. I knew I had to go and I was going to wet my bed but I had no control and I couldnít wake myself up to get to the bathroom. I would then wet and feel my self getting wet and I always knew what position I was laying by where I felt myself getting wet. At first I woke up after I was done wetting but after awhile I could wake myself while I was still peeing. There were also sometimes when I would just wake up wet not recalling when I had wet during that last year and a half. At that time I would wet about once every two or three weeks or so. Sometimes if I was stressed or tired I might have two three or more wet nights in a row. If I had certain things to drink in the evening that would guarantee I would wake up to a wet bed. As time went on by the summer I was 15 I got to where I was waking before I wet and was able get up and go to the bathroom. There were setbacks during that last 8 months or so. Sometimes I would just wake up wet or wake while I was going or I would be in that half state of consciousness where I could not wake myself in time. But the accidents got fewer and fewer and farther between. I did a lot of concentrating before I went to sleep saying to myself I will get up if I have to go. Somehow I managed to train myself to get up to go as I became more aware. For me bed-wetting was a part of growing up and training myself to get up was part of becoming a woman. Learning not to wet my bed was a part of good hygiene like other things you learn about taking care of yourself. It might seem a little strange to some I conquered bed-wetting at the same time I was learning about boys relationships make-up clothes and all that stuff. I think very little has changed with my body since I went from wetting every night to wetting a couple of times a week. I still have to get up to go to the bathroom a couple of times a week but I always get myself up now. Stephanie :)