May Poll Results

 Question: " When you have a dry night what did you do different the day before?"

   20 kids voted.

    7 said they got more sleep the day before a dry night.

    7 said they drank less in the evening the day before a dry night.

    6 said they drank less sodas during the day before a dry night.

    4 said they were less constipated the day before a dry night.

said they did less extracurricular activities the day before a dry night.

    7 said they did other things during the day before a dry night, such as:

"I wear diapers and pee and poop in them the whole day. It seems to help when I go in my diaper that day instead of going to the toilet."

"usally seam to be less stresed out"

"go to the bathroom before bed"

"drink coffee so that i won't have a deep sleep."

" i do not drink any milk, and try to avoid stress as muck as possible"

" i don't shower that day or get into warm water. i don't think of niagra falls before i go to sleep. my friends and family don't make fun of me. they don't stick my hand in warm water wile i'm asleep."

" if i realy realy happy and things is really realy good...for me.. then i may be dry"

In summary, only half the number of kids voted for this poll as during the previous 3 months.  This may mean that many kids simply don't know what they d
id differently the day before they have a dry night.  The votes were about even on drinking less in the evening, drinking less sodas during the day, and getting more sleep. Sleep is really important, at least 9 hours a night. Kids wet more when they are overly tired. And 4 kids said they were less constipated when they had a dry night. One of the causes of bedwetting, particularly in younger kids, is constipation.  To put it bluntly, there just isn't enough room for the bladder to fill up if the lower abdomen is packed with stool.  It's therefore really important to eat fiber foods like popcorn and shredded wheat to keep from getting constipated (Frosted Mini-Wheats are good), and to make sure to have a bowel movement at least every other day.  Stress also seems to make wetting worse, so always remember that "Life is too important to be taken seriously."