August Poll Results

Question:  "What do you think a parent should do when their child wets the 


    65 people voted.  Their ages ranged from 8 to 58.   23 people who 
        voted were age 21 or over, 27 were 11-20 years old, 2 were 7-10 
        years old, and 13 did not give their age.  Votes were as follows:

    21 votes for: "Give 'em a hug, say it's okay, and clean up their child's 
                     wet sheets.

    24 votes for: "Give 'em a hug, and have the child clean up the wet 

    24 votes for: "Give 'em a hug, and have the child come up with a plan, 
                     such as trying a wetness alarm.

     1 vote for: "Restrict the child's privileges, like no TV that night."
                    (from person, age 32)

     7 votes for: "Spank the child." (4 of those voting for this option were 
                    over 30 years old, one was 9 years old, and 2 did not 
                    give their age).

    12 had other ideas, such as:

Age 30: "Ensure child's self esteem is ok. Reassure child. Rewards and praise for dry nights or sequences of dry nights. Ensure bedroom does not smell."

Age 25: "If the kid's been dry for a while and starts wetting again regularly, give 'em a hug and make a doctor's appointment in the morning."

Age 14: "My mom makes me wear diapers and plastic pants."

Age 13: "Give them diapers to help"

Age 51: "You didn't allow for "Give 'em a hug, say its okay, and clean up the child's wet sheets WITH THE CHILD. I think that creates the bond that WE are in this together. I can't believe you even have punitive measures as an options at all - but 2 out of 5 possible answers. C'mon??!!"

Age 32: "Make them wear diapers all day."

Age 50: "Realize that it is NOT their fault."

Age 22: "Offer to buy the child protection (Goodnites or something similar) to help keep the bed dry. I know from experience that wearing Goodnites to bed is MUCH preferable to waking up soaking in a cold puddle of urine... But above all, be supportive and make sure that wearing protection isn't viewed as punishment -- it's just a way to keep the sheets dry and feel better in the morning."

Age 15: "give them a diaper and make sure they put it on at night. the parent should check them every night and if they are not wearing a diaper spank them for breaking the rules or at least this is what i want my parents to do they haven't yet but i just started wetting"

Age 13: "Give us a hug and talk about maybe using nappies (diapers). It's much better than a wet bed."

Age 14: "Put them in diapers"

Age 13: "diaper the child 24/7"

Age 15: "parent should try one and show the child they r wearing them too by showing them the top that shows out"

Age 21: "diaper the child"

Age 11: "You should explain the child gentely and then if he does it again you should take some strict rules against him "

Fortunately, only 7 out of 65 people voted to punish a child for wetting the bed, but even 7 is too many.  Children can not help wetting the bed.  It is not their fault.  Bedwetting is a medical condition.  Stress appears to make bedwetting worse, so punishment may actually increase bedwetting. 

Four out of 6 people voting felt that kids and teens should have some responsibility for their bedwetting.  Even though bedwetting is not the child's fault, it is fair to ask that they help with changing sheets, etc., and it is fair to ask their cooperation in a treatment program, such as a wetness alarm.  Also, on a previous poll, most people voting felt that it was fair to ask a child or teen to wear diapers if they wet most nights.

No child or teen wants to wake up to a wet bed.  Furthermore, bedwetting can seriously affect a child's or teen's self-esteem.  Giving them lots of hugs and working on the problem together is the best approach for parents.