WetBuster.com Privacy Policy

WetBusters.com Privacy Policy

In compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) WetBusters.com® is committed to protecting the privacy of each child or teen who registers with us. Here is an explanation of our Collection process. 

1. Obtaining Parental Consent: Under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which went into effect on April, 21, 2000, WetBusters.com requires parental consent in order to keep in our records any registered user information from a child 12 or under. When a child 12 or under registers with us, we ask for a parent's e-mail address, and we then write to that e-mail address requesting parental consent. A parent has 21 days to respond with consent. Parents can give consent or ask that their child’s registration information be deleted. If we do not hear back within 21 days, that child’s registration information is deleted from our system. Parents are invited to request deletion of their child’s personal information at any time and refuse to permit further collection. All they have to do is visit our care area from the same browser and machine on which their child registered. There they can review their child’s information and, if they choose to delete that information, simply request the deletion via the automatic email hotlink. For more information about our mission, please visit our special section for parents and caregivers at:

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At the same time, we ask parents to closely monitor the Internet activities of their children and become educated on the various Internet tools available to help ensure that their child has a helpful on-line experience.

2. Information We Collect Via Registration. WetBusters.com uses its best efforts to respect the privacy of on-line children and teens. All registration information is collected directly on a voluntary basis and also passively, through Cookies (see below). Users of WetBuster Stars are asked to provide a first and last name, birthdate, and their parent's email address, so that only they can can view and change their dryness record. This also allows their care providers to follow their progress, if the child and parent desire such. Children are invited to create a fictitious name and date of birth if they wish, but they need to supply this identical name, birthdate, and email address to their care provider if they would like their care provider to follow their dryness progress. We use the child's name, birthdate, and email address for identification because many children do not have a social security number. We also ask for the parents' email address in order to verify permission from the parents of children under 13, and in order to be able to contact the child and parents if there are any technical problems with their data posting. In the WetBuster Clubhouse Areas we request an email address in order for the website software to automatically send the clubhouse password to the child. A password is used for the clubhouses in order to protect them from hackers, as we add more features. WetBusters.com does not retain these Clubhouse Area email addresses.  

3. Privacy. WetBusters.com uses information from registered children and teens only for identification of their dryness records. Under no circumstances do we reveal this information to any outside third party. We maintain strict confidentiality of user names and medical data in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

4. Polls. WetBusters.com may publish information gathered from the monthly polls.  Your IP address is automatically recorded on voting for a poll, in order to avoid duplicate voting.  Your IP address will not be displayed with your vote.  If the results of a poll are published, your IP address will not be published.  Please see IP Address Logging #7 below.

6. "Cookie" Technology. "Cookies" are little bits of information that a web page stores on your computer to help you.  The WetBusters chat room stores your name and your name color as a cookie on your computer, so you won't have to keep typing them.  WetBuster Stars stores your name and birthdate as cookies, also so you won't have to type them again.  The monthly poll stores a cookie on your computer for each poll on which you vote, in order to avoid duplicate voting.  Voting for the monthly poll requires that cookies be accepted on your computer.  Cookies are normally accepted unless someone has changed this on your computer.  In all of the above practices, it is the intention of WetBusters.com to operate in full compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission.

7. IP Address logging and display.   Your Internet provider automatically assigns an IP address to you computer when you log onto the Internet, similar to a telephone number.  That IP address consists of four 3 digit numbers separated by dots, e.g.  If you have a dial-up modem, a new address is typically assigned each time you logon.  IF you have a DSL or a cable modem, your IP address may remain the same each time you log on.  For security reasons, when you post on the bulletin boards, your IP address is stored and is partially displayed with your message.  This allows Wetbusters.com to detect fictitious posts and to track and block abusive users.  The Wetbusters poll records your IP address when you vote, in order to avoid duplicate voting.  Your full IP address will never be revealed to third parties.

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