Reply from CD, Age 44 - 11/17/03 - IP#:   tbb-c1069

Scotty! 1. Ask your parent WHY you have to get up at 5:30am. SOmeone at your age shouldn't be up before 7 even if they have to get a bus. If it is not enough time to get ready, then tell your parents you need to go to a school closer or find a way to school that you are not up so early. 2. Eat a nutritious breakfast, that will keep you alert all day. Take some favourite fruit to school with you like maybe an apple or orange and have one in the morning and one in afternoon. By the way, nutritious breakfast does NOT mean donuts, cereal with lots of sugar - these are the very things that perk you up quickly but then make you sleep the rest of the day. 3. Are you also having problems with bedwetting? Go hang out with the kids in the chatroom and share your story - someone else maybe in the same boat.