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My son was prescribed Imipramine after medication testing for ADD treatment. He was 8 when he started using it, and had never been dry at night. One week later, he was dry and stayed so for the next two months. He then returned to wetting and had a pattern of a few nights in any two week period, then a BAD week where he could wet a few times a night for a week or two, and then back to the less frequent wetting. All in all, I feel the Imipramine did have a benenficial effect for him in regard to the wetting. And it also help stabalise his mood, which wasn't something that we had recognised as an issue, but suddently he could really enjoy quiet solitary play for a few hours at a time. He said he felt better for having the mdication. It had absolutely no impact on the ADD symptoms that affected him at school. He eventually titrated up to 40 mg a day. Last year, we weaned him off the medication as he seemed to have plateaued. there was no mood change, but the wetting returned full force, most nights wet. We have just started using a Dri-Sleeper alarm and are happy with the results. He still wets a few night a week, but only enought to dampen his undies before he wakes up and goes to the toilet. t believe it is a much better solution as it is clearly training him to react by contracting his sphincter as soon as he starts wetting.