Reply from Joyce - 3/25/01

Our son, the middle child of three boys, wet his bed almost every night from when he was born until he was 19 years old. When he was six, we started looking into medical advice. The first doctor told us that his internal organs were small for the rest of his size so he said just wait until everything evens out as he grows. A few years later, we tried a night alarm from Sears. (It woke everyone else in the house up except the wet child!) A couple of years later, we tried imiprimine. As well, we tried restricting fluids, testing for food alergies, waking the poor kid up at all hours, and I'm sure everything else that you all have tried. I was positive that he was not doing it on purpose, and we never punished him for wetting. He learned to deal with it even to the point of being able to go on sleep overs and camp. It was just something we eventually accepted as part of what he would have to deal with in life. He was a good hockey player who at age 18 went away from home to be billetted with a family to play a high level of junior hockey. He still wet the bed and did his own laundry every day and put a thick water-proof sheet on his bed. There didn't seem to be anything that would help including all of the most up-to-date medications (which he snorted, took in pill form, or drank as tea on the advice of a naturpath.) Believe me, we tried everything. Then one day, after he turned 19 all of a sudden, it stopped. He is now 23 years old and doesn't wet the bed anymore. I think the first doctor was right when he said, "Live with it because it will stop when he is full grown." So, that's our story. Except to say that our son now plays professional hockey.

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