Reply from dsm - 4/6/01

Joyce's message for me was comforting in someways because my daughter is 16 and still wets the bed. We have tried imipramine andit works well, but she also has some other medications she is taking and her pediatrician does not want her to take it wny longer. So, now she has to go back to the wet bed and believe me it affects the entire family. She feels like she lets herself down and me matter how hard one tries it is hard to not get tired of it and sometimes get negative about it. We go thru several blankets per week and to try and keep up with the laundry etc...she does most of her laundry and she keeps her own bed clean etc..but it wares on us all..and I mostly feel badly for her to have to endure something that is "suppose" to be for younger children. and imagine in the winter when it is cold.....I just hope she outgrows it..I keep saying that every year.

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