Reply from Jamie - 11/15/01

I think that he is embarrassed to talk to you about it. Maybe he has the same problem that I do. When I have to go, I dont feel it coming on. It suddenly hits me and then I dont have time to make it to the bathroom because my muscle just cant hold it back. My muscle just doesnt close all the way. The "wake up" method, as well as every imaginable drug hasnt worked for me either. And they wont work if his muscle is the problem. Ifinally gave up and started wearing diapers to help contain everything. Maybe there will be something someday that will work for me as well. But as long as there is only the drugs, forget it. I would seriously think about getting him into diapers in the meantime. In my experience with the goodnites, they just dont hold everything. If he also has wetting during the day, then this very well could be a muscle problem.

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