Reply from Dane - 1/13/02

I used the nasal spray form of DDAVP a couple years back(I am 18 now), and it was pretty effective. A spray in each nostril before bed, and you're good to go; as long as you dont mind squirting cold liquid up your nose (You have to keep it in the fridge). It's excellent for occasions such as staying at a hotel or a friend or relative's house. It can, however, get expensive if you use it every night, though I believe most insurance plans cover it. It comes in a tiny bottle that will last you about(rough estimate) a month, at the most, if you use it regularly, so you may have to have the prescribtion refilled frequently. Overall, it's an effective way to stop bedwetting for individual nights where its important you stay dry, but it is one of those methods that only treats the symptoms and not the "disease". DDAVP will almost surely not _cure_ bedwetting, but it will keep you from wetting when you need to. It's a handy thing to have. I wonder if there is a generic brand of DDAVP nasay spray available. You might ask your doctor that. -Dane

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