Reply from Hope - 6/16/02 - IP#:   reviews-c529

I used the Dri-Sleeper with my almost 9 year old daughter. We did use the pantyliner and thought it worked very well. It has been about 18 months since we used it so my memory may be fading, but I don't recall ever having to change the sheets once because it didn't work because it would cause her to wake up before she voided more than a few drops of urine. I did use the velcro but I didn't sew it on the pj's. I just safety pinned it. I think the alarm actually went off about a half dozen times in two to three weeks and then she was totally off the alarm and hasn't had a wet night since. This from a girl who rarely had dry nights prior to that. I was really thrilled because the alarm was VERY reasonable priced (comparatively speaking). It was easy to use. And, it came with two sensors which made it easy to change in the middle of the night without a big fuss - I just kept another pair of undies with the pad and sensor already in place in case she did need to change. It was very convenient. It was so exciting when she finally was able to get through the night without being wet. She was proud of herself and we were all thrilled. I have recommended this alarm to other parents and will continue to do so. I think it is unfortunate that so many companies are out there willing to take advantage of us desperate parents - and I am so grateful to this one for not being that way. I recommend it highly.