Reply from Matt - 8/5/02 - IP#:   reviews-c558

Hi. I'm a nurse practitioner, and I honestly believe that medications will not significanttly affect enuresis, whether it be DDAVP, tofranil, imperamine, or whatever. The reason is that these medications are all synthetic versions of anti-diuretic hormone; they are designed to cause mild urinary retention. Orginally planned to treat diabetes insipidus (a condition in which a person has excessive thirst which leads to excessive urination, not really associated with diabetes mellitus because there isn't elevated blood sugar in d. inspidus), someone apparently thought that they would have a good effect on enuresis. Not so!! Although some significant improvements have occurred in a few individuals, those are the exception rather than the rule. Instead of filling your child up with useless medications, just let the enuresis run its course.